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EVAC is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion protection systems, for the marine and offshore industries. EVAC is a complete system provider whose products meet all your needs. EVAC’s worldwide navy vessel references include aircraft carriers, troop transport vessels, submarines, destroyers, coastal patrol vessels, high-speed vessels, and many other applications.



Boll & Kirch is a global filter manufacturer and filtration specialist for liquids and gases, offering filter inserts for liquid filters, oil filters, gas filters, backflushing filters, and much more, ranging from sieve candles and filter candles to particle filter elements.


Eagle Products KY manufactures a complete line of marine hooks, cargo hooks, and one-way lifting straps.
Cranston Eagle marine hooks are among the most trusted in the world and are used extensively by Canadian and US navies, Coast Guards, research vessels, and offshore platforms. These hooks offer operators split-second release control often needed at sea, including a self-locking feature which prevents release while under full load.
Each new hook is proof loaded to 2.2 x SWL/WLL per SOLAS regulations, and then inspected and tested for proper operation. A manufacturer’s test certificate, signed by a certified surveyor, is included in each delivery.


DOE Sp.z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of marine freshwater distribution systems and supplies shipyards from all around the world.
DOE develops high-quality equipment solutions for fresh and technical water production, treatment, heating and handling. DOE offers certified water and air tanks, marine hydrophores, electric or steam heaters, reverse osmosis watermakers, marine UV disinfection units, water preparation skids, pre- and post-filtration systems as well as high-pressure cleaners and low voltage marine transformers.
For almost 30 years DOE Sp. z o.o has also supplied vessels with spare parts fulfilling any requirement whether original, OEM or high-quality replacement.


MELCAL supplies quality lifting solutions and services to the marine and offshore industry. Through experience, service commitment and competent global presence, MELCAL provide complete project and life cycle support. MELCAL’s heavy-duty equipment is designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions imaginable and raises the industry’s benchmarks for reliability and operational performance.
MELCAL’s modular approach combines proven solutions, high-quality workmanship and state-of-the-art technology that allow for the flexibility to adapt the products to specific project requirements. Their product range includes marine and offshore cranes, subsea cranes, cherry pickers, pipe and hose handling cranes, SOLAS cranes, A-frames, davits, winches and (diesel) hydraulic power units.
MELCAL’s portfolio is characterized by its wide variety of possible configurations, options and available accessories.


Norac AS is a leading supplier of interior systems for cruise ships, ferries, commercial vessels and offshore installations. Headquartered in Norway, the company manufactures and distributes fire-rated walls, ceiling systems, doors, prefabricated wet units, floating floors, windows and furniture, making Norac a complete provider of high-quality, affordable interior systems for the maritime industry. Norac products are manufactured with only first-class materials in compliance with the most exacting rules and regulations and Norac’s own strict quality control measures.
Norac AS offer a “one-stop shop” for interior systems with cost-effective solutions at competitive prices.

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Winel’s mission is to build the most sophisticated and modern marine solutions in the world, to guarantee your safety and comfort at sea.
Winel offers a wide range of doors, hatches, tank vent check valve systems, platforms, passerelles, and special engineered products. They service the offshore sector and every major shipbuilding market: merchant vessels, dredgers, cruise ships, ferries, roros, mega yachts, and naval ships.
Hinged doors, sliding doors, hatches or manholes: Winel products are designed to meet the rigorous demands when conditions get rough. All Winel doors are built according to SOLAS regulations and every single door is certified after hydraulic testing.